Saturn Oil Boiler Condensing NHC Range

100% Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

Energy efficient solutions for central heating and domestic hot water. Saturn Heating Systems have been making a real difference with heating professionals since 1978. Saturn is committed to providing high efficiency, high quality products and services to our customers throughout Ireland and Nothern Ireland. With innovative oil boiler technology and patented design, the future is now.

Saturn Oil Boiler Condensing NHC
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Working with one of the world’s best oil boiler manufacturers

Bring the best oil boiler technology to Ireland

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100% Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

The patented stainless steel heat exchanger guarantees longevity of the oil boiler versus competitor boilers built using mild steel.

Outdoor Cabin Pac Model

Outdoor Boiler Model

The Cabin Pac Model is made with similarly high quality materials to guarantee exceptional performance wherever your boiler is placed.

Nationwide Spare Parts & Support

Nationwide Spare Parts

Our regional merchant network ensures there will be nationwide spare parts available as well as regional support, with our next day delivery as a backup.


SEDBUK A & HARP Registered

As well as an ERP A Rating, Saturn Oil Boilers are SEDBUK & HARP rated and registered reflecting its high build quality through each rating.

Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers

Our fully stainless steel heat exchanger is manufactured using proprietary cutting edge robotic technology to manufacture the highly efficient stainless steel heat exchangers and piping.


Precise, efficient and long life by design.

Saturn Oil Boiler Internal Components

Inside the Saturn Oil Boiler NHC

Innovation you can see

From simple operation through the main controller on top of the boiler, with digital fault diagnostics to the proprietary cutting edge technology within the boiler that makes complicated operation, simple. Have a look at the components of our oil boilers to understand that to be the best, it has to be built better.

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Downward Firing Burner

Our burners are top mounted, meaning you will no longer be on your knees during installation or servicing of your boiler. They are simplistic, reliable and robust. With over 800,000 made annually, you can trust in their design.

Exploded Downward Firing Burner

Saturn Merchant Network

We have the island of Ireland covered and we’re adding to it every week. Our dedicated network of Saturn merchants stock all Saturn Oil Boilers and our keenly priced spare parts. Wherever you are, Saturn won’t be too far away.

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SEDBUK A Rated & HARP Registered

As well as an ERP A Rating, SEDBUK & HARP rated and registered.

SEDBUK A & HARP Registered

As well as these standards and ratings, Saturn Oil Boilers are manufactured to both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. From design, through production, to servicing and operation, the highest of standards comes as standard on our A-rated condensing oil boiler.

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Boiler Models

Depending on the needs of the house or commercial property, a different boiler model will be used from our NHC 25Kw model to our most powerful 41Kw model. Below you can see our boiler-house model as well as our external model.

NHC 25 Kw

NHC 30 Kw

NHC 41 Kw

Installation Manual

NHC 25 Kw Outdoor

NHC 30 Kw Outdoor

NHC 41 Kw Outdoor

Installation Manual

Industry Leading Support

We’ve got a dedicated network of merchants stocking boilers and spare parts and we’ve dedicated technical support for everyone. We’re either close by or a phone call away. Heating your home has never been easier.

Saturn Heating Video Series

Stephen Duffy, Technical Manager, talks us through all aspects of the Saturn Oil Boiler range from what is in the box, right through to fault diagnostics and operation of the oil boiler with the easy reading LED thermastat and message screen. Watch below.

Energy Show 2016

Saturn Heating Stand packed all week.

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