Bringing Weather Compensation To The Irish Oil Boiler Market

January will see the introduction of our weather compensation feature, something new to the oil boiler market here in Ireland, where the outside temperature is taken into consideration and the operation of the boiler fluctuates depending on this outside temperature reading. This kind of technology only further enhances the credibility of the Saturn Oil Boiler range here in Ireland but it provides a much more effective oil boiler for Irish consumers and further improves the operational efficiency of our oil boiler range.

Saturn Oil Boilers Technical Manager Stephen Duffy, “the most important thing for us in the Irish market, is delivering the best possible product to our customers. When we initially hit the market, plumbers and homeowners loved the patented design of the boiler with 100% stainless steel heat exchanger and plumbers, in particular, were very interested in the downward firing burner. We didn’t want to stop there, so we’ve been working on the integration of weather compensation to the boiler. We really think it is another game changer in terms of shaking up the Irish oil boiler market.”

Have a look at the simple picture below, illustrating the areas within which the homeowner makes savings.

Weather Comp Graph
Weather Compensation Graph for Saturn Oil Boiler

Stephen Duffy, here at Saturn elaborated further “Through its weather compensation add-on in 2017, the NHC range is continuing to set standards in the Irish market. This high efficiency, condensing oil boiler has the ability to control its heat output right down to 20 degrees, removing the need for mixing valves for weather compensation mode. These low running temps are made possible by the durability of the 100% all stainless steel heat exchanger and Saturn Smart pre-wired heat controller.”

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*1 Winter Pack per plumber.