KD Navien Timeline

1978 – KD Navien was founded. 

1982  KD Navien acquired the Korea Standard Certificate for oil-fired domestic water heaters.

1988  KD Navien became the first Asian company to develop and produce a highly efficient, environmentally friendly condensing boiler.


1988  For its oil boiler technology, the company acquired the European CE Certificate for oil boilers. 

KD Navien Timeline

2002  KD Navien managed to develop Asia’s first condensing oil boiler at its Korean R&D facility. 

2007  KD Navien acquired the European quality certification CE Mark for condensing oil boilers. 

CE Marking

They patented and introduced the use of stainless steel heat exchangers for the first time in the world. Achieved the world’s highest heat efficiency of 98.8%, on their gas boiler range, allowing KD Navien to be a change leader for boiler standards.

When KD Navien’s Seotan Factory was completed in the last number of years, it became the world’s largest boiler manufacturing plant with an annual manufacturing capacity of 1.5million units. KD Navien is set to take another leap as they aim to become the world’s top energy equipment manufacturer by 2020 and this further shows the company’s commitment to growing their global reputation for quality.

With the bestselling boiler brand and largest boiler manufacturing plant in the world supplying the Saturn NHC oil boiler range here in Ireland, is there any wonder why Irish homeowners and plumbers alike are starting to appreciate the high-quality build and genuine value that a Saturn install brings to their home.

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